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Monday, April 30, 2012

Huge base, Quality dumps, Instant delivery

We are proudly announcing brand new dumps selling service

Minimal order 5pcs from now of a 1 bin only (not allowed 2 dumps from 1 bin, 1 from another and 2 from 3rd).

Our key benefits are:
  • Binlist generation by countries, bank names, card credit status & card level. *
  • Always instant delivery when ICQ or Jabber is Online. Not longer than 20 minutes. **
  • Well quality base.
  • Safe communications through ICQ or Jabber with OTR encryption.
  • Loyal replace policy (we are using try2 service for checking, complaint timeout 24hrs).
  • Regular & strong monthly updates.
  • The biggest base at market. Ask about your favorite bins — we have them in stock.
  • Lot's of Discovery dumps in stock.
  • Lot's of EU Amex in stock (Denmark, UK).
  • 4 payment methods: Liberty Reserve (5%), Perfect Money (7%), Alert Pay (13%).

For whom our service is dedicated for?

Our service is dedicated for professional & long-time in game carders who have their own, checked by time, bins.
This is not a secret that sometimes it's really impossible to get rare bins even if you have fifty seller contacts in your ICQ.
With our help you can always have the stuff to work with.

Prices for the popular bins are different from the prices in list below.
After update all popular bins are going to auction. You will get your stuff if you will offer highest price per dump.

United States of America

Visa Classic, MC Standart — $20
Gold/Premium, Platinum — $30
Business/Corporate/Purchasing - $35
MC World — $35
American Express — $40
Discovery — $40

European countries, Service code 201

Visa Classic, MC Standart — $65
Gold/Premium, Platinum — $80
Business/Corporate/Purchasing/Infinite — $95
American Express — $80
JCB & other — $80

Third World Countries (China, Brazil, Hungary, India, Africa countries, Latin-America countries), Service code 101***

Visa Classic, MC Standart — $85
Gold/Premium — $110
Platinum — $120
Corporate/Purchasing/Infinite — $125

Canada, Service code 101, 201

Visa Classic, MC Standart — $45
Gold/Premium — $50
Platinum — $55
Business/Corporate/Purchasing/Infinite — $65
American Express — $50

We does not accept any complaints about our prices. Those prices were setted up after seious market research.
Our service giving our customers the best combination PRICE/QUALITY.

Replace policy for DECLINED dumps

Replace will be given checked only if customer will complaint on a high decline rate because we will suspect him in cheating & begging for free dumps (we are knowing validrate of our base which is always perfect). High decline rate is 30% or more. Also this situation can happens if you will try dumps for high amounts or in blocked countries (e.g. you will try USA dumps in eastern European countries). Our service is not responsible for those situations. After that replace will not be given as we are never replacing approved by our checked dumps & we can deny you further using of our service.
No more replaces for DECLINE [05] Citibank dumps.


  • We are offering for sale only tracks w/o any additional information like CVV, CID or PIN.
  • You pay upfront always. No delivery until payment is completed.
  • No free/test dumps will be given.
  • First contact through PM only.****
  • No advices will be given about BINs.
  • We does not gurantee high balance at dumps.
  • Service rules can be changed at any moment w/o customers notifications.

Due to high scammer-activity we are writing masks of our contacts here. Beware of rippers.

* — BIN limit per bin list 50 due to security reasons. Some bins can be sold only if customer will provide example of original track1+track2 from this bin. Some bins can not be sold ever or can be sold only in track1 (w/o track2).
** order delivery possible only through email in HTML format.
*** — Prices are so high for Third World Countries because cardholders use it in US Area & this fact is showing that card holders are rich persons.
**** — When you does not get feedback from us within 24 hours this mean that your account/private message looks like unreliable & we will not write you ever.

                                    Yahoo : pass.king                                                                      

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sell MTCN Western Union Bank Logins PayPal Money Broker Money Gram Dump = Tracks and Gift Amazon Ebay CCV US All Work Good + ATM SKIMMERS PRICE Good ! [ well I sure do not want spamer and scam me] E-Ticket Carding Service thank all !!!!!


Hello All Buyer!!!!

i have bank Logins i'm hacked him Fresh -- balance From 2000$ To 27k $ and Eruo

i have 17 bank logins with full acsess (And Email Acsess Too) . For thos Banks

I want sell cvv , Bank Login , Acc paypal , Tranfer Wu High Balance Good
And I Need Good Buyer For Business Long Time With Me
Sell cvv fresh -fast and good frice who need.....
Please contact me: pass.king (no spam)
Y!M :

I'm Seller for: CC, CVV US,UK,CA, EURO,AU, Italian,Japan,France,...all
Yh : pass.king
CC fullz info, CC DOB....Domain hosting.
My price :
-US (visa) : 3$ per 1
-US (master) : 3$ per 1
-US (amex-discover): 5$ per 1
-US with bin : 6$ per 1
-US fullz : 18$ per 1
-uk random : 5$ per 1
-uk with dob: 20$ per 1
-uk with bin : 10$ per 1
-uk bin+dob : 25$ per 1
-uk fullz : 30$ per 1
-eu (visa-master) : 15$ per 1
-eu (Amex-Discover) : 17$ per 1
-ca random : 6$ per 1
-ca bin : 12$ per 1
-ca fulls : 20$ per 1
-au random : 10$ per 1
-france : 18$ per 1
-france with dob : 25$ per 1
-germany : 18$ per 1
-germany with dob : 30$ per 1
-italy : 20$ per 1
-italy with dob : 40$ per 1
-japan : 15$ per 1
-japan with dob : 25$ per 1
-belgium : 12$ per 1
-denmark : 12$ per 1
-spain : 15$ per 1
US :
-dumps + track 1 = 35$
-dumps + track 2 = 45$
-dumps + track 2 + pin = 55$
-dumps + track 1 + track 2 = 75$
-dumps + track 1 + track 2 + pin = 85$
EU :
-dumps + track 1 + track 2 + pin = 135$
CA :
-dumps + track 1 = 65$
-dumps + track 2 = 75$
-dumps + track 1 + track 2 = 90$
-dumps + track 1 + track 2 + pin = 105$
UK :
-dumps + track 1 + track 2 + pin = 115
**I Sell MTCN WU :

**Prices For Western Union Online --- Western Union Data Base Hacker 2012 ---
Transfer(Eu,Uk,Asia,Canada,Us,France,Germany,Italy and Nigeria):
100$ balance 1500$
200$ balance 3500$
300$ balance 6000$
500$ balance 12000$
800$ balance 19000$

Name:Craig jones
Amt: $220.

Name:Kamaal abrams
Amt: $450
test question= question

Name:Larry Taylor
Amt: $980

Name:Mario Lewis
Amt: $700.
Country: Romania

Name:marvin anderson
Amt: $300
MTCN: 4294043784
Country: Romania

I tranfer minimum 500$ with price 50$ first for u trust
Western Union Online Software(Western Union Bug(WU Bug)
Version 2011/2012 With an Activation Code :80$
Mailers(Inbox Mailer,Webmail Mailers) :15$
Cpannel :25$
Western union bug 2012 with activation code in 350$ :

Selling hacking softwares with new 2012 discount: westernunion database hacker 2011--->250$
paypal database hacker------>250$

It is good price tranfer for frist time we business if u are 1 good buyer i will send price very cheap next time ....
1 Paypal with pass email = 80 $ /paypal
1 Paypal don't have pass email = 30 $ /Paypal
1 Banklogin us or uk (personel) = 1000$
Sell Paypal account US reg 3 month ago: 18$/1 acc: Verified
Sell Paypal account US : 10 $/1 acc: Verified
Sell Bank account info US : 7 $
Sell PVN to ----> US : 8 $/month ( Fake IP US)
Sell Visa Debit US : 120$
**BankLogins Prices:
Balance In Chase : 70K To 155K = 160$
Balance In Wachovia : 24K To 80K = 80$
Balance In Boa : 75K To 450K = 300$
Balance In Credit Union : Any Amount = 300$
Balance In Hallifax : ANY AMOUNT = 300$
Balance In Compass : ANY AMOUNT = 300$
Balance In Wellsfargo : ANY AMOUNT = 300$
Balance In Barclays : 80K To 100K = 400$
Balance In Abbey : 82K = 700$
Balance in Hsbc : 50K = 350$

Conditions of sale :
1. Please Dont ask CC FREE, CC TEST. I dont have time with CC FREE and CC TEST.
2. If you want to test you must send money for me.
You Send money => I send cvv2 good
3. Stuff will be sent to you within 1 or 2 hours after receiving the
payment. Order will be sent via e-mail or as you wish. You can also
receive a link to download the info)
4. I have a replacement policy for bad dumps/Cvv. (All dumps/Cvv arefresh and already checked before dispatch)
5. I only accept payment with WU or LR (
i'm looking for who can work together
I am very happy to serve you long time, thanks!
no scamer, no spamer

Banking services :
Login ID

Full Name
Card Number
Exp Date
IP Address

Email Address
Less than 5k = 50$
From 5k up to 10k = 100$
From 10k up to 20k = 200$
From 20k up to 45k = 300$
From 50k up to 75k = 400$
From 75k up to 100k = 500$
For All Requests we confirm the balance before we process the deal in order be out of any misunderstanding .

Chase Only for Now

Good Luck for Everybody.

yahoo: pass.king
Y!m :

-----------------Ebay/Electronic Carding Service------------------------

1) add me or pm me y/h: pass.king
2) tell me what you want to be carded, or link me specific link on ebay
The item must be atleast 200$
3) i confirm to be able and give you the price ( you should be able to know the price with the rate)
4) you pay to my LR , wich is only and only : U7675739
5) You pm me or email : Batch number, if you want direct carding or by my drop , and provide your adress like this:
6) and you wait patiently

Dont pm for free method or bins or something else. All i give free are cc and i share always in Accounts and Data Dumps. So if you want free stuff, just go there

I said all what you need to know about my offer. IF you are ready to buy and to pay, then feel free to add me to deal. Dont losse my time by chatting with me, I don't care about your stories, im a carder not a friend ( but we will become friends when we dealing)
In the case where i fail in my deal, i will kindly refund the amount with bonus for time wasting.[/B]

*********** ALL FOR With PAYPAL Veritified *********
-Sell Paypal with pass email = 15 $ /paypal
-Sell Paypal don't have pass email = 10 $ /Paypal
-Sell Paypal Veritified with balance 2000$ = 200$
-Sell Paypal Veritified with balance 8000$ = 500$
-Sell Paypal Veritified with balance 15000$ = 1000$
-I only have some balance like as , so someone don't ask me about low balance or high balance about paypal

******************** SOFTWARES ****************************
1 .Comersus Software With Bank Login And Bank Credit Card Code : 500$
2 .Comersus Software Without Bank Login And Bank Credit Card Code : 200$
3. New Western Union Hacking Bug For World Wide Transfer : 300$
4 .New Paypal Login Hackware For Hacking Fresh Paypal : 250$
5. New Shop Admin Hackware For Hacking Online Shop For Credit Card : 250$
6 .New Credit Card Amount Checker Software For Peoples Wanting To Know Balance on Cc : 150$
7 .New Credit Card Validator For Validation Any Full CC Info : 120$
-And more price and more discount, bonus .. IF u real a big buyer let's contact me to have good info about CC and price .


ATM Skimmer Wincor Nixdorf : $ 3000
ATM Skimmer Wincor : $ 3000
ATM Skimmer Slimm : $ 3000
ATM Skimmer Slim : $ 3000
ATM Skimmer NCR : $ 3000
ATM Skimmer Diebold Opteva : $ 2500
ATM Skimmer Diebold : $ 2000
ATM Skimmer Universal : $ 4000
ATM Skimmer Small : $ 2500
Chip POS ingenico&amigo : $ 1500

MSR300 : $ 189
MSR500 : $ 199
MSR500m : $ 255
Mini400u : $ 329
Mini600 : $ 349
MSR2000 : $ 259
MSR3000 : $ 339
TA-48 : $ 299
TA-32 : $ 359
PMR-232 : $ 349

Writer Specials
As Low As
MSE750 : $ 359
MSR206 : $ 444
MSR505 : $ 359

MSR505 / MSR2000 : $ 549
MSR505 / MSR300* : $ 499
MSR505 / TA-48 : $ 639
MSR206 / MSR3000 : $ 729
MSR206 / MSR300 : $ 549

Best Buy
MSR206 + 2x MSR400 : $ 900

MSR206 + 2x MSR500m (Mini123) : $ 875
MSR206 + 2x TA-32 : $ 990
MSR206 + 2x CRM42 : $ 869
MSR206 + 2xCRM41 : $ 929
Fresh cvvs fulls dumps track1 and 2 banks logins (wu)verified seller
Fresh cvvs fulls dumps track1 and 2 banks logins (wu)verified seller
I am a legit seller of skimmed dumps + bank logins + verified paypal (Track 1 + Track 2 + Pin)

E-Ticket Carding Service

I sell most e-tickets, just let me know what you need!

Rate: 40% of price on the website I use including fees.

Minimum order: currently set at $100 (you pay 40$ via LR)

Do you accept escrow: Yes escrow is fine as long as you pay the fees.

Time from order to getting tickets: Sometimes instant but usually 24-48 hours,
on the odd time it may be longer you will be informed if this is the case.

How does it work?: I will card your ticket / tickets to my email,
When you are using escrow then send tickets to you
via download link then you release funds, so it's safe for both
and I have proof that I got them.

Country's Available

Rep. Of Ireland
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Selling/Wholesale Itunes gift card XX,PSN card ,xbox live cheapes
Sell itunes gift card xx,xbox live,psn card with cheap price.

itunes gift card 15$ = 8$

itunes gift card 25$ = 13$

itunes gift card 50$ = 23$

itunes gift card 100$ = 40$

Xbox live 4000 points = 23$

xbox live gold 12 month = 28$

PSN card 50$ US = 26$

PSN card 20$ US = 10$

-Payment : LR

If you need bulk Itunes gift card,Xbox live,PSN card contact me for Wholesale price

all contact detail yahoo me : (pass.king)

Contact Me Yahoo: pass.king

****************DATA GOT CCV*******************

Selling Worldwide cvv / cheap dumps/ SOCKS/ STMP/ email lists/ +MUCH MORE


US Dumps(101 Only):

US Classic = 30$
US MC Standard = 40$
US Gold = 50$
US Platinum = 80$
US Business/Corporate = 100$
US Purchasing/Signature = 120$
US MC World = 150$
US Infinite= $150

EU Dumps (UK)(201 Available only)(101 out of stock):

EU Classic = 40$
EU MC Standard = 50$
EU Gold = 80$
EU Platinum = 90$
EU Business/Corporate = 160$
EU Infinite = 200$

Worldwide cvv

US = $5/each !!! discount available for bulk orders!!!
I got CC's from nearly ALL countries - just ask for the country or BIN you want. 
- BIN search = FREE!

[Limited] US/UK fullz currently available - Ask for price [Limited]

CC and DUMPS (t1 or t2) Checking service
CC Check = $0.5 per card
Dumps Check = $3 per dump

I got SOCKS for ~ALL countries , states and cities. = $2 each!!

[Out of Stock]Selling and buying SMTPs [Out of Stock]

I got HTTP/HTTPS proxies to bypass your country site blocking filters = $1 each!

Fresh Email lists from hacked forums and email spiders = 10 for 1 million (Huge discount for bulkpurchases)

Selling private ******* TOOLS (Credit cards/Logins Stealers, RATs, IRC Botnets, STMP Mailers, FUD Stubs, Crypters)

Cheap Exploit Packs (Ask for prices) (Eleanore, CRiMEPACK , Tornado , etc) Prices are less than $1000.

******* services and exploit scanning (Price depends on website/server)
_________________________ _________________________ _________________________

BIN search
Track1 generator

Proof : 

Sell logins banks 
(Barclays;Chase*US*AU*Eu*RU*EU) 100$ LR (7000$usd balance +)

How you ask in possible in my Logs : All You See :        

Carding online :: tutorial (how to stay safe* shops to target* etc) -

Carding online :: tutorial (how to stay safe* shops to target* etc)

Hello everyone*

How are you all doing? I'm doing good myself...
I am here to let you in on a few tips and tricks when it comes to carding online and shops that you can easily card. Ultimately* every shop online is cardable* you just need the proper technique(s) and materials.

Moving forward* shops that I tend to target are the following: <--- very good for carding high-end bikes and selling them...even carded a $2k treadmill! <--- for those of you who love high-end clothing

These are just a few sites to name which I tend to target on a weekly basis...carding Sportsauthority is what I recommend as they ALWAYS ship and they ship extremely fast...tons of money to be made.

Personal tips:

• Always stay protected while carding* you can do this by making sure you have all of the following:
- VPN (nVPN is decent)
- Socks5 (matching the billing address on the card you're using)
- Mac Changer (good to change your mac address; keep yourself totally anonymous)
- Cracked/ open wifi spots around you location are a plus; use them if available!
- Get in and get out; complete the task efficiently and effectively.
• When choosing which cards to you* I recommend you purchase either AMEX or DISCO; they are the strongest and will give you the best results.
- Always ask your vendor for the telephone number if it doesn't come with'll need it when checking out.
- Do not check the cards yourself* you should trust that your vendor is selling you active/ live cards.
- BIN aka Bank Identification Number is important...stick to platinum cards and so fourth* stay away from gold/classic* they tend to only work for low amounts.
• When checking out* select the fastest shipping method. (the faster they need to ship* the less processing the order goes under)
• Placing orders at the right time is very effective...for example* around Christmas* security on websites isn't so get the point.
• Do not use your personal email* create an email over at and use that email.
- Match the email with the carder holder's it looks even more legit.
• Quite a few shops require phone call verifcation; have a call service ready incase you must verify the order via the phone.
• As for selling your items* find a local connect like a pawn shop owner/ local shop owner who is willing to buy all of the items you get.
- Networking is key; this will get you good connects!

This is all you really need to begin carding* I hope you take my advice and make a nice amount of cash.

Article has been written by me* Nestle.

I'd appreciate it if you gave me +1...if you found this information helpful.
If you have any questions* please contact me and we will discuss any concerns that you may have.
Much respect*
Thanks for your time* enjoy!

I'm offering you a good service. I can ship to your adress safely many stuff that i have with me * at home ready to ship : Iphone4s*Ipad3*Macbook*etc . I always have stuff in stock with me at home * and if i don't have someting* i can instore card it and get it by 24 hours.

I'm also good at Ebay Carding* so i can card you what you want* up to 5000$ real value. I can card all ebay : * * * * etc

PRICE : Item in Stock that I have in my home with me and ship from my home directly to your adress . 100% SAFE*

I always have those item with me or can get them by 24 - 48 hours. How do i get them? i bulk card them* instore them* etc .


16 GB : 200$ 32 GB : 225 $ 64 GB : 250$

Special Discount : BUY 3 Iphones4s and get 2 free


16 GB: 200$ 32 GB : 225$ 64 GB : 250$

Special Discount : 3 Ipad 16gb for 500$ including 3-5 days shipping

Macbook Pro ( Latest Model) :

13.3 Inch : 350 $ 15.4 Inch : 450$ 17 Inch : 550$

Special Discount : BUY 1 and get the other at half price !

Samsung Galaxy Note Unlocked BLACK/BLUE/WHITE 16 GB 
: 180$

Special Discount : BUY 5 and get 2 Free

Blackberry Bold 9900 8 GB Unlocked Black/White : 170$

Special Discount : Buy 10 for 1000$

Time TO arrive at ur home:

Free : 1-2 week
50$ additional :3-5 days
100$ additional : 1-2 days

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Macbook 15 INCH + 1 Iphone4s 32 GB + 1 Ipad3 32 Gb FOR : 650$ Including 3-5 days shipping.

All those item are shipped same day that payment* after Escrow confirm receiving money!

PRICE : Items not listed* that i need to card to my drop then ship you. 100% SAFE

If you want an item * but that it isnt listed above * just tell me it . Or * give me specific link on Ebay. I will card it to my Canada drop* then re-ship to you. 
Price is 25% of the REAL Item value in $. 
How to know a price of an item ? Real PRICE X 0.25 = What you need to pay 
Real total price of the item you want to be carded must be above 800$. And yes* you can for example order 2 item of 300$ each and one of 200$. TOTAL must be above 800$


1 ) You need an Iphone 4S 32 GB .This is item is listed* so i have or can have by max 2 days. So* price is 225$.
2 ) You need a specific item* but it isnt listed above. You want to buy a laptop thats value is 1000$. It will cost you 250$
It's simple* you do : 1000 X 0.25 = 250
DISCOUNT for BIG ORDERSSHIPPING:I can ship to all country ( pakistan* india* nigeria* UK* US* etc)

Free : 1-2 week
50$ additional :3-5 days
100$ additional : 1-2 days

I ship with UPS/DHL
TRACKING NUMBER available for all orders!

Who Need Ship To Address Pls Add Y/h Me : pass.king

Price will be decided via PM. You can post as well.
Do not ask me to go first as this is not a physical item but kind of a virtual item which is gone once shared.

Why am I selling?-- I have exams coming and I cannot spend time on selling separate . Need this in one go. I don't want but have to.


=> I'm not responsible for whatever you use it for.
=> I will not go first. Do not post if you cannot.
=> I'm not responsible if admin changes the Password but there are less chances as there is no login history check options.

PM me for more info and if you're up for business. Serious only. Y.h : pass.king

( Just for real who need To do busniss )

Hello, i made a new system :)

Many people want to buy from me , but they don't have the money. So this is for you.You will be able to order from me, by referring your friends to me .

How it works?

1) You advise me that you will find some buyers .

2) You talk to your friends, or find some interested buyers. You explain them all the process of the deal and price. 

3)When they chat with me, they tell me that they came from you. So i know that its your friend. then , we will make the order

4) For each deals i have with people referred by you, you have 10% of the value of the deal in LR CREDIT with me .
Example : For a 1000$ LR/WU deal i have with your friends, you have 100$ LR in " your bank with me " 
So, if in total, i had in total 2500$ of deal with your friends, then you have 250$ LR in your bank with me.

Now that you have LR in bank , what you do with it?

1) Order from me 
2) I send you 80% of what you have in Bank with me

So if you have 250$ LR in Bank with me you can

1) Order an Iphone4s 16gb with 3-5 days shipping.


2) Ask me to send you 200$ LR to your LR Account

Some Additional Informations

My deal with your friend should be minimum of 500$ LR/WU
Finding clients is your buisness. You can ask your real firends, look in internet, offer a carding service in another forum where people pay to you and you gave me their adress to ship, etc. Use your imagination
Use your mind. You can tell your friend a price for an item higher than mine. You will earn extra $$$. You can also find someone who want to buy 3 iphones. And, i will ship 2 extra ( the discount is buy 3 get 2 free).And i can ship to different adress, so your friend can give you the money for 3 iphones, i ship him 3 Iphones and 2 to you.
USE your imagination and mind 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your stuff works in my country ?
Yes, they are factory unlocked. Means that they work eveywhere in the word.
Can you ship to my country ? I live Nigeria / India
Yes, i can ship to any country. Even Nigeria and India
Will i have any customs or additional fees to pay when i receive my product?
No. There is no customs fees or additional taxes. I ship as a Gift from a Private Buisness Compagny. There is no customs duty even in Indonesia,Pakistan,Nigeria,India,etc even if you order 100 Iphones or bulk quantity
What carrier you use to ship?
I use DHL or UPS
Do you accept Paypal ?
How can i pay you then?
By Westernunion or Libertyreserve

Can you give me some recent tracking of your shipped deals?
No. By giving you the tracking number of my customers, you can get the delivery adress. And i keep the privacy of my customers. For example, i don’t think you like to deal with me, you give me your adress, and then i post it everywhere on internet. If you want a trackin number, ask the customers.
If you can card all this, why sel lit so cheap ? why don’t sell it for real cash
I already tried, and it’s too risky.For example,hard to find serious buyers, people in Gang want to robb me, or police in civil, etc. So i sell on internet for cheap and anonymously. And even with those price, i make money. For me , its a good way to cashout my carding skillz
I want an item from another site that EBAY , can you do it ? And do i need a drop?
YES! I can card almost any site, any price, any country. And no , you don’t need a drop. I will card to my drop then ship to you J
Is it safe ? will my Iphones get blocked ?
Yes, its 200% SAFE! I ship from me, so there is no problem. And no, Iphones and others item can’t be blocked or anything else. You can keep them for all your life without a problem.
I want to deal but i don’t have money. Can you ship me one Iphonr for free so i can sel lit, and then make my money to order more? I promise i will bring alot of customers and orders
No.. if you think that i care of you and bringing me more deals, you are wrong! Each day, i have 50 daily deals. And about 20 people have their owns shop and buy me 200 peaces weekly… So i have enough deals and one customer more or less isnt a problem.. So getting money is your buisness and mine is to ship
I want to deal. But how to trust you ?
If you are talking me , it’s because you read my Service thread. That means, you probably, or not, checked the 70 pages of good feedback from members who got their stuff.